In only 2 years we created more than 300 points of sale.

We are entrepreneurs engaged in distribution and retail perfume sales since 1999, for the past 16 years.

In the first years of business, when competition was not as big as today and distribution prices were stable, our business was stable and satisfactory.

After the first few years of business, we encountered problems.

Our company offered the same products as other retail sellers so we had to constantly lower the price in order to sell our products and our earnings and profitability decreased continuously.

In order to achieve greater profitability by selling products at low prices, we were required to take more and more debit with the banks to invest money in new goods to raise sales. Interest rates increased and profit was still decreasing because our competition continued to grow and do the same as us (lowered prices, offered better conditions, special sales offers, etc.)

We didn’t have any product or business concept to make us unique nor were we exclusive to a particular territory to differentiate us from our competitors and provide a steady income and profit.

The competition was growing daily, especially with the development of online shopping and business globalization and our sales prices were getting even lower while the operating costs increased (energy prices, employee wages, taxes, etc.)

We became more desperate and frustrated with each day.

Until one day, after a visit to the Museum of Perfume in Paris, where we had seen how perfumes were sold on tap in crystal bottles throughout history.

We got a business idea to create a new concept of selling perfume, inspired by crystal bottles from the Museum of Perfume, where the buyer can choose the type of perfume, packaging and quantity.

By making the L`ARÔME perfumes business strategy, we created the following:

  1. We are the only ones in the worldwho have created a collection of draught parfumes L’ARÔME perfumes“MADE IN FRANCE”, which are made with the highest criteria of the perfume industry by using the best perfume oils in the world, which makes our quality excellent, stable and unequivocal.
    This way we gave our clients the opportunity to sell “MADE IN FRANCE” perfumes and to make profits more easily.
  2. Draught perfumes L`ARÔME perfumeshave no expiry date; therefore stocks do not depend on time.
  3. We continuously launchnew typesof perfumes and now we offer morethan 50 new typesof perfumes.
  4. The bottle collection includes sets of bottles in the complete range of11 ml, 15 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml.
  5. Prices of L`ARÔME perfumes and bottlesare favourable and our partners can achieve a good profit.
  6. Crystal amphoraein the shape of“GREEK amphora“ are visually alluring and have a silicone ring, which prevents and minimises possible spillage or evaporation of draught perfumes. Perfumes in this kind of amphora keep their high quality fragrance.
    The amphorae are transparent so that the customer can see the magic of colours and shades of essential oils in the perfume.
  1. Even though we are a franchise, our customers are allowed to sell similar products together with L’arome perfumes.
  2. Our business strategy is to build success together with our business partners!