For men

L`ARÔME Eau de Parfum for men collection offers 64 different perfumes and 10 unisex
All L`ARÔME perfumes are created as EAU DE PARFUM, which means that the concentration of perfume oil is higher than in EAU DE TOILETTE or in EAU DE COLOGNE.

This makes L`ARÔME perfumes stronger than other poured perfumes on the market. From the moment you apply our perfume, the scent remains strong even after several hours, and some fragrance notes can even linger for several days.

The finest combinations of fragrance notes, which accurately and precisely guess the needs of our consumers, inspire all of our perfumes.

L`ARÔME Eau de Parfum for men are labelled with “L`ARÔME” and marked with numbers from 500 onwards. Each number represents the exact fragrance notes formula, i.e. the inspiration.
Larome parfumes bottles blue