„We are selling L`arome from France and we are extremely satisfied with their top quality.
The interest of customers for L`arome perfumes is very high and number of new customers is constantly increasing.“

Tina Gojani, Kristina Co

„In my shop I sell L`arome perfumes and and I’m very pleased with their sales and margine. Customers are satisfied and come back to us. L`arome offers a very large number of fragrances in different sizes of packaging“

Sandra Mokosek, Galileo company

„I sell Yankee Candles and gifts in my shop. I put th L`arome perfumes like Shop in shop. L`arome perfumes are sold very well.
Customers are satisfied and come back.“

Mihaela Ivetić, Exotic-style „Charme“ Co.

“We are very satisfied with selling L`arome perfumes. Customers are very satisfied with the quality and affordable prices. For our customers is great that they can choose the size of the packaging of perfumes”

Natalia Kolar, Lampas Co.

“We have a few months ago started selling perfumes L`arome in our shop like Shop in shop . We are very satisfied with the sales and the difference in price we have. Customers are very satisfied with the quality and reasonable prices.”

Kolumbo LTD, Kolumbo LTD

“In the short time that I do retailing are included in the sale and L`arome perfumes. I am very pleased with the perfumes and satisfy the customers and more than expected. I hope our cooperation with L`arome and I would recommend anyone who is involved in similar work like me to include L`arome perfumes in their sales.”

Suzana, Jela nek. LTD Com.

“We in our store located in the shopping mall sell fashion jewelery and we decided to expand the product range to the L`arome perfumes to increase sales and provide our customers very good perfumes from France for a good price”

Ines, Tara Co.

“In our shop “Glamour” where we sell fashion products we started selling perfumes L`arome like shop in shop.Customers are very satisfied with the quality and existence so L`arome perfume!”

Glamour Co., Glamour Co.