From the fragrant fields of Provence

L`ARÔME perfumes

The world of perfume will always be associated with the universe of luxury and sophistication.

L`ARÔME perfumes are a blend of luxury and sophistication, available at acceptable prices to our customers.

L`ARÔME perfume collection was created and is manufactured in Grasse in Provence, France, in a factory that cherishes a 52-year-old tradition. Grasse in Provence has been the world’s capital of the perfume industry since the 16th century.

Larome bottle front white

Made in France

The “MADE IN FRANCE” value is deeply rooted within the L`ARÔME perfume identity. It is the value that guarantees our customers the best quality of L`ARÔME perfumes, which is achieved by using special knowledge in the manufacturing process and only the best quality perfume oils in the world.

Distribution, marketing and logistics of L`ARÔME perfume have been entrusted to a team from the Larome Point Ltd., who have been in this business for 20 years.

Up until today, 165 Eau de Parfum for women, 60 Eau de Parfum for men and 10 Unisex were created for the L`ARÔME perfume collection.

The number of perfumes is constantly rising in accordance with new trends in the market, as well as customer demands.


L`ARÔME perfumes are specific for being poured from a decorative jar “AMFORA” in front of the customer and then sold.

L`ARÔME poured perfumes allow our customers to choose not only the type of perfume they want but also the amount they need. Our customers have at their disposal several packagings: 100 ml, 50 ml, 30 ml or they can try out the L`ARÔME perfume 15 ml testers.

Amfora Larome Parfumes
Larome bottle front white

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