• L’arome is a new business concept,
  • It is visually alluring and attractive to potential clients and end users,
  • L’arome (EDP) perfumes are highest-quality perfumes,
  • L’arome perfumes are “Made in France”,
  • The retail price is very good with respect to other “Made in France” perfumes on the market,
  • Due to their good prices, high quality and alluring appearance, the sales of L’arome perfumes are high,
  • The operating margin is high for the Master franchisee as well as for the Sub-franchisor with respect to the average in the perfume & cosmetics industry,
  • Complete training on business operations and perfumes,
  • Territory exclusivity.
Franchise company of L`arome products is the sale of rights concerning business dealings with L’arome products by the franchisor on a determined territory where the franchisee undertakes to open a determined number of points of sale with L’arome products according to certain dynamics.
The Master franchisee is obligated to open at least one point of sale with L’arome products,
i.e. L’arome business model on a frequented location.

The Master franchisee may sell L’arome business model to a third party (sub-franchisors) by entering in to a three-party agreement between the Master Franchisor, Master franchisee and Sub-franchisee.

The condition is that a Master franchise does not already exist in that area (territory or country).

The potential Master franchisee must have a vision, i.e. a business plan for the opening of L’arome points of sale for a determined period of time.

The potential Master franchisee must have sufficient financial funds for the investment. The potential Master franchisee enters into an Agreement between the Master franchisor and the Master franchisee.

Your request will be taken into consideration and your information will be saved in our database for the purpose of a future collaboration or the realisation of other potential business collaboration opportunities (sub-franchising or similar).
The amount of financial funds depends on the size of the territory or country where you have a possibility to become a Master franchisee. The minimal amount is approximately from 15,000 Euros to 50,000 Euros.
Master franchisee gets the following for the funds invested:

  1. The exclusive right to sell L’arome products and the L’arome concept for his/her territory,
  2. The entire first fill, i.e. the stock of necessary L’arome products for further distribution according to the Master franchising pricelist,
  3. The entire furniture for the opening of one L’arome point of sale,
  4. The entire training by the franchisor.
The exact training costs depend on the location of the Master franchises, but it should not exceed 10 – 15% of the initial investment (depends on the amount of the initial stock), definitely not exceeding 3,000 Euros. The training costs include only actual travelling, hotel, food and similar expenses.
You can arrange with the Master franchisee to hold the training

  1. In our headquarters in Croatia, in the City of Zagreb
  2. At the Master franchisee’s premises.

Our suggestion is to hold the training at the Master franchisee’s premises shortly prior to the opening of the first shop, in order for the Master franchisor to be able to educate the Master franchisee’s personnel and the Master franchisee’s sales personnel in the Master franchisee’s point of sale as a single expense.

The training lasts 3 to 5 business days.
The number of days depends on whether the personnel are trained for the first L’arome shop.
No, the Master franchisee does not pay the Enter fee.
The wholesale price list for the sub-franchisees as well as the retail prices shall be agreed upon between the Master franchisor and the Master franchisee. Wholesale and retail prices depend on a number of factors (transportation, possible customs, taxes and similar).

In our experience, the operating margin is significantly higher with respect to similar products in the perfume & cosmetics industry.

YES, absolutely, we offer full support to Master franchisees such as organisational, logistics, marketing, promotional, distribution skills, for example:

  • Assistance and consulting regarding shop management;
  • Distribution and formation of wholesale and retail prices and conditions;
  • Logistics-related assistance;
  • Joint expositions on local franchising and business opportunities fairs;
  • Joint marketing, L’arome brand promotion and public relations.

Joint collaboration with the Master franchisee in the selection and adjustment of the most appropriate range of L’arome products to the local market’s demands.

Joint market research with the Master franchisee in the promotion of new L’arome perfumes and other products.

Assistance regarding all other questions concerning business operations with L’arome products.

For 10 years with the possibility of renewal.
Yes, our L’arome Master Franchise concept reduces business failure risk to a minimum, as follows:

  1. Enter fee Master franchise is not paid;
  2. Master franchisee does not pay advertising turnover percentage;
  3. The Master franchise does not pay the Royalties fee.
  4. The Master franchisee invests more than 95% of its funds in the goods stock according to the Master franchise prices (lowest prices);
  5. The Master franchisee is required to open one shop with the L’arome concept in a frequented location. The entire investment in equipping the shop entirely and in the goods in a space of 20 m2 is less than 7,900 Euros (the price does not include transportation, PC till, lighting and shop floors design), which is considered a very small investment in the retail industry;
  6. The Master franchisee receives the entire training and knowledge, on which our management has worked for 16 years and it refers to retail, wholesale and franchise management;
  7. In case you wish to sell the Master franchise, the Master franchise right may be assigned to another person, with the approval of the Master franchisor;
  8. In the worst case scenario, where the Master franchisee cannot find an adequate purchaser, the stock of goods (in which the Master franchisee invested 95% of the money) can be sold in his/her shop thereby returning the funds invested in the stocks, and later the shop equipment may be sold on the market.
Yes and no.

Our business policy is that the samples are charged to potential Master franchisees by charging the samples to the potential Master franchisee, and if the business collaboration is achieved, at the supply of the first goods, the amount of paid samples is deducted from the invoiced amount.


39,00 EUROS* plus delivery expenses

* VAT ( 25%) is not calculated for the aforementioned price if the EU legal entity is in the VIES base http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/?locale=en or if the purchaser is a natural or legal person outside of the EU.
For EU natural persons VAT (25%) is calculated for the aforementioned price.
The minimum order is one presenter with 10 pcs 5 ml-bottles of L’arome EDP..




    Delivery expenses within EU and Turkey:
    FROM 1 TO 3 SAMPLE SETS ………………….. 20 €
    FROM 4 TO 6 SAMPLE SETS ……………………30 €
    FROM 6 TO 12 SAMPLE SETS ………………….40 €
    FROM 13 TO 15 SAMPLE SETS ………………..45 €
    FROM 1 TO 3 SAMPLE SETS …………………..25 €
    FROM 4 TO 6 SAMPLE SETS …………………..45 €
    FROM 6 TO 12 SAMPLE SETS …………………77 €
    FROM 13 TO 15 SAMPLE SETS ……………….90 €





„We are selling L`arome from France and we are extremely satisfied with their top quality.
The interest of customers for L`arome perfumes is very high and number of new customers is constantly increasing.“
Tina Gojani, Kristina Co.
„In my shop I sell L`arome perfumes and and I’m very pleased with their sales and margine. Customers are satisfied and come back to us. L`arome offers a very large number of fragrances in different sizes of packaging“
Sandra Mokosek, Galileo company
„I sell Yankee Candles and gifts in my shop. I put th L`arome perfumes like Shop in shop. L`arome perfumes are sold very well.
Customers are satisfied and come back.“
Mihaela Ivetić, Exotic-style „Charme“ Co.
“We are very satisfied with selling L`arome perfumes. Customers are very satisfied with the quality and affordable prices. For our customers is great that they can choose the size of the packaging of perfumes”
Natalia Kolar, Lampas Co.
“We have a few months ago started selling perfumes L`arome in our shop like Shop in shop . We are very satisfied with the sales and the difference in price we have. Customers are very satisfied with the quality and reasonable prices.”
Kolumbo LTD, Kolumbo LTD
“In the short time that I do retailing are included in the sale and L`arome perfumes. I am very pleased with the perfumes and satisfy the customers and more than expected. I hope our cooperation with L`arome and I would recommend anyone who is involved in similar work like me to include L`arome perfumes in their sales.”
Suzana, Jela nek. LTD Com.
“We in our store located in the shopping mall sell fashion jewelery and we decided to expand the product range to the L`arome perfumes to increase sales and provide our customers very good perfumes from France for a good price”
Ines, Tara Co.
“In our shop “Glamour” where we sell fashion products we started selling perfumes L`arome like shop in shop.Customers are very satisfied with the quality and existence so L`arome perfume!”
Glamour Co., Glamour Co.

I am interested in becoming a Master franchisee, what should I do? The procedure is very simple just take these 7 steps:

  • Fill out the contact form;
  • If the area (territory or country) where you are interested in becoming a Master franchisee is free, you will receive our prompt response;
  • If you wish you can order samples;
  • Meeting with us;
  • In collaboration with us, make a business plan and development vision;
  • We send you a draft of the Master Franchasing contract;
  • Upon execution of the Agreement, we deliver the goods and equipment, and proceed with personnel training.